Google Chrome 70 is rolling out for Windows, Mac, and Linux with better sign-in status, extension privacy, AV1 and more

This version introduces a number of new features to users and comes right after the Google Material redesign last month.

  • Published: October 18, 2018 5:16 PM IST
Google Chrome

Google is rolling out the latest version 70 for its Chrome browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. This version introduces a number of new features to users and comes right after the Google Material redesign last month. The highlight of this update is an improved Google Account sign-in status for users and more warnings about HTTP as Google pushes the world towards HTTPS. The improvements in the account sign-in status come after the “misinterpretation” by some users when Chrome started showing a profile avatar on the right of the address bar to indicate that the user has been signed with a Google service.

According to a report by 9to5Google, a portion of users thought that the company is enabling bookmarks, history and password sync with any Google account that has been logged in, in any tab of the browser. In response to the misunderstanding, Google came with the “Allow Chrome sign-in” option in the settings that will allow users to “sign in to Google sites like Gmail without signing to Chrome” when the option is disabled. Clicking on the avatar that is next to the address bar will give users a better understanding of what Chrome is doing. The states that it will inform users about include ‘signed out’, ‘signed in but not syncing’, and ‘signed in and syncing’.

Image credit: Google

HTTP warnings have improved this new version where the browser will flash “Not secure” warning along with a red icon when a user is trying to enter any password or personal data on any HTTP web page. This update also comes with some changes in how Chrome behaves in a full-screen mode as now, if any dialogue boxes including authentication or payment prompt or even a file picker shows, the browser will exit the full-screen mode so that users are aware of the context of what they are seeing.

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Google is also bringing the ability for users to quickly stop any Chrome Extension from running with the help of a direct right click on the extension. The interesting thing about this behavior is that the company will roll out full-fledged options giving users the option to choose when they want a particular browser extension to run. Some of the options include “On this site”, “One all sites”, after you click on the extension icon in the toolbar, or after setting a whitelist.

It also comes with TouchID support for MacBook Pros and other future Apple devices that may come with TouchID with the help of Web Authentication API. The announcement added that this version has also added support for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on Windows. Similar to the behavior on Android, users can install the PWAs on their desktops. These apps also get responsive design as Google is working to add keyboard shortcuts, app icon badging and link capturing support in Chrome 72.

Last but not least, this also comes with an AV1 decoder, there is no encoder present at the time of writing. For context, AV1 is a next-generation video codec that allows for “more efficient and better qualit6y” with 30 percent improvement in the compression rate of videos when compared to the current VP9 standard.

  • Published Date: October 18, 2018 5:16 PM IST