Google is discontinuing two of its Chrome extensions

"Save to Google" and "Bookmark Manager" extensions will be shutting down in August.

  • Published: July 25, 2018 5:11 PM IST

Google introduced the “Save to Google” extension back in April 2016. The extension allows users to save images and links to websites. It was adopted from the Save functionality, which was initially introduced in Image search and later on the Search app on Android. But now a recent report from 9to5 Google states that Google is planning to shut down the extension.

According to the website’s report, “Save to Google” in the past few days has been displaying a yellow warning at the top stating that the extension will be discontinued from August 5. Alongside that, there is also a link included called “View saves”, which gives users access to all the links they have saved in the past. However, it’s still unknown if these links will be saved or removed once the service is discontinued.

The decision to kill the extension comes as a surprise, as Google had recently updated its functionality in the Search Android app. The feature managed to gain more traction last year, when Google mobile search and the Google app added a quick shortcut to access the saved photos and links.

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“Save to Google” is not the only extension that Google is planning to kill. 9to5 Google also reports “Bookmark Manager” extension to shut down on August 15. While Google is discontinuing the extension, the feature will still be available in Chrome browser. Google is taking the step as the company refreshed its built-in feature with the new Material Design introduced last year.

  • Published Date: July 25, 2018 5:11 PM IST