Google Chrome for Android now lets you view saved passwords

The feature is available to the newest version of the Google Chrome app for Android.

  • Published: October 29, 2017 2:12 PM IST

Google is finally extending Chrome‘s ability to show you saved passwords to its Android platform. The feature had been previously available on the desktop variant of the browser. The latest Chrome 62 for Android has been officially rolled out. The Chrome app will prompt you to install the latest update. In case you do not receive the prompt, you can manually head to app settings and check for the new version.

Similar to how the feature works on desktop, the mobile app will also let you view your saved passwords. Whenever you log in or sign up to a website through Chrome, the browser asks you if you would like it to remember the credentials. On desktop, you can head to, and view all the websites you have your accounts on and check their passwords. ALSO READ: 64% Chrome traffic on Android devices protected with HTTPS: Google

However, this ability has not been available to mobile users of Chrome prior to this week. Now, on your Android device, you can launch Chrome and head to settings under the menu section, and tap on save passwords. Under this section, you will find all the websites associated with your saved passwords which you can check out by tapping on them, XDA Developers reports. It is to be noted that the saved passwords will be visible only when the ‘save password’ option enabled.

If you tap on view password for any website, the lock screen will first pop up so as to authenticate the identity. For added security, Google has also disabled the option of taking screenshots of passwords. ALSO READ: Microsoft finds a remote security flaw in Chrome, Google fixes it

In case you are not able to find that option in your Chrome app for Android, then you need not worry as the update is a gradual one and would be extended to all users soon.

  • Published Date: October 29, 2017 2:12 PM IST