Google Chrome for Windows updated with anti-virus features

Google has updated Chrome Cleanup for detecting malicious software more efficiently.

  • Published: October 17, 2017 10:33 AM IST

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser across the globe. But with it comes the grave dangers of web loopholes, which brings harmful software to your devices. In the past few months, Google has been working on making Chrome a safer place to browse, and it has lately introduced three new changes.

To start with, Google has been monitoring extensions installed on the browser. Google has its own web store where you can add various extensions like AdBlock, Grammarly, Buffer, among others. While these extensions are pretty helpful, they do make the web browser heavy, and might also attract unwanted software. One such case occurred last week when a fake AdBlock Plus extension appeared on Chrome web store. It went unnoticed by Google leading to over 37,000 downloads by Chrome users.

Google will now see if any extensions installed alter settings without alerting you. If Chrome detects any such activity then it will automatically restore the browser to your modified settings. If this happens you will see a prompt on Chrome stating the changed settings, and you can opt to restore or cancel. ALSO READ: 8 useful Google Chrome extensions to save you all the hassle

Chrome Cleanup has been updated with a new redesign for Windows users. This feature isn’t available for Mac and Linux users. Chrome Cleanup will detect malicious or unwanted software added while downloading any kind of content on Chrome. You will get a prompt to remove unwanted software whenever detected, and have the option to accept or decline. You may also be asked to restart your computer after Chrome removes the unwanted software. ALSO READ: Google Chrome desktop browser to add auto-play video blocking

Google says that for the new Chrome Cleanup, it has worked with IT security company ESET. As compared to the previous version, Chrome can now “detect and remove more unwanted software than ever before”. Google however notes that Chrome Cleanup isn’t a general-purpose antivirus, and “only removes software that doesn’t comply with our unwanted software policy”. You would still need an additional anti-virus software for better safety against malicious software.

  • Published Date: October 17, 2017 10:33 AM IST