Google Chrome gets new features to block popups, redirect pages

These features will start rolling out on Chrome for all users starting early 2018.

  • Published: November 10, 2017 9:56 AM IST

Google has lately been introducing new features to make Chrome a more efficient place to browse the web. Google will be releasing three new features over the next few months for all Chrome users. These new changes will first be available via Chrome 64, which is currently available in Canary channel, and is slated for an early 2018 release. Google will release the second feature via Chrome 65 in March, 2017.

Google, in its blog post says, “Together, these protections will dramatically improve users’ web browsing experiences while still allowing them access to all that the web has to offer.” Speaking about the first change arriving in Chrome 64, Google will stop redirecting pages. Although Chrome does have an effective popup block system, new pages keep pooping up every now and then. Google says that this occurs due to “third-party content embedded in the page”. The search giant addresses this issue in Chrome 64 by introducing an infobar instead of a new page opening. ALSO READ: Google Chrome for Windows updated with anti-virus features

Google Chrome 64

In Chrome 65, Google will address the issue of a link opening in a new tab and the main window showing something unwanted. When users click on a link on their main window, the content opens up in a new window. On the other hand, the main window redirects to an unwanted page. Through Chrome 65, Google will “detect this behavior, trigger an infobar, and prevent the main tab from being redirected”. ALSO READ: Google Chrome for Android now lets you view saved passwords


Coming to the final feature for Chrome, Google digs deeper with unwanted pesky pop-ups. Even with adblockers, many users must have come across clickbait pop-ups disguised as video clips. There are also some pop-ups which doesn’t close when tapping the ‘X’ icon, and instead leads to another destination.

In early January, Google’s pop-up blocker will prevent websites from showing new windows or tabs thereby preventing abusive experiences.

  • Published Date: November 10, 2017 9:56 AM IST