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Google Chrome to get option for quieter notifications, fixing annoying notification prompts

Google Chrome - Check out the new feature of Google Chrome that will finally bring a fix to those annoying notifications pushed by websites.

  • Published: August 23, 2019 4:31 PM IST

Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the world. While it remains popular on both desktop and mobile, it also comes with its own share of issues. Now, Google is preparing to address one of the major problems with the browser. In other words, the search giant is preparing to fix one of the annoying experiences. The next version of Google Chrome will fix the annoying notification prompts pushed by websites.

Google already lets users to disable all notification prompts in Chrome by going to Site settings. However, it is a setting that not every user is familiar. If you prefer to keep it enabled then Google wants to make it less intrusive with future version. Google has added a flag in Chromium nightly called “Quieter notification permission prompts” which will address the issue. According to XDA Developers, the flag is not working right now since the code is not there yet.

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Photo: XDA Developers

With the Chrome Canary release happening soon, Google is expected to add the code next. The new setting gives following options: Default, Enabled, Enabled (Heads-up notifications), Enabled (mini-infobars) and Disabled. Since Google has not enabled the flag just yet, it is not clear what these options do when they are selected. The description does suggest that heads-up notification might work exactly like the way notifications work on Android. The mini-infobar might work as a small overlay on top of the address bar.

As mentioned before, the flag has not been enabled yet and there is no code related to the flag. There is a possibility that Google might add code to the flag with Chrome Canary release. However, that does not guarantee that the flag will be enabled with the Canary release right away. It does confirm that Google is working on a fix for the issue that has become a pain-point for most users.

  • Published Date: August 23, 2019 4:31 PM IST