Google Clips with AI-powered portable camera now available to order in the US

Google’s AI Camera might not ship before March 2018.

  • Published: January 29, 2018 10:37 AM IST

At the Pixel 2 launch event last year, Google unveiled its Clips camera that automatically takes photos and captures video on mute. The Google Clips camera is compatible with the Pixel smartphone, Apple iPhone 8 lineup, Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8. Priced at $249 (approximately Rs 16,300), the device is now available for purchase in the US. However, the shipping of the Google Clips will not start until the first week of March.

In terms of design, Google Clips comes with a two-tone color design across all the new hardware. It features LED lights which blink to let those in a room know they’re being photographed. The device has just one button, and a shutter. It doesn’t have a display. With the main focus on AI, the camera can automatically take shots by recognizing faces and capturing the subject. The camera doesn’t necessarily need an Internet connection to record images.

Google claims that the camera is smart enough to tell a user when it is the right time to take a photo, with an aim to capture the key moments in their life. The Google Clips camera is meant to be a hands-free accessory that takes candid photos without any intervention.

The clip-on camera itself automatically adjusts its resolution according to the situation and has a 130-degree lens to fit more of the scene in the frame. It comes with a 16GB of internal memory, which the company claims can save up to 3 hours of video. The photos and recorded footage can be transferred to your phone both via cable and wirelessly.

  • Published Date: January 29, 2018 10:37 AM IST