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Google Doodle celebrates the start of 2019 Women's World Cup in France

Google Doodle today marks the start of 2019 Women's World Cup, which begins is being held in France. The doodle depicts participating nations illustrated by artists.

  • Published: June 7, 2019 9:00 AM IST
Google Doodle Women's Football World Cup

Google Doodle today marks the start of 2019 Women’s World Cup in France. The Women’s World Cup kicks off today, and is being held between June 7 and July 7. The doodle today celebrates the eighth edition of the tournament with a collage depicting the popularity of soccer in various parts of the world. Google says that the doodle represents characters from an upcoming series of doodles by guest artists and each represent the competing countries. “Each Doodle will capture the local excitement of the World Cup competition as well as what soccer means to the guest artist personally,” Google explains.

The doodle depicts the national teams of Argentina illustrated by Xoana Herrera, Australia by Sophie Beer, Brazil by Laura Lannes, Cameroon by Reine Dibussi, Canada by Jenn Liv, Chile by Luisa Rivera, China by Lisa Feng, England by Priha Mistry, France by Aurore Carric, Germany by Noam Weiner, Italy by Giovanna Guiliano, Jamaica by Robin Clare, Japan by Ayumi Takahashi, Netherlands by Eline Van Dam, New Zealand Phoebe Morris, Nigeria by Data Oruwari, Norway by Ingunn Dybendal, Scotland by Nuria Boj, South Africa by Phathu Nembilwi, South Korea by Sehee Chae, Spain by Nuria Tamarit, Sweden by Sara Andreasson, Thailand by Banana Blah Blah and the United States by Roxie Vizcarra. Their detailed illustrations will appear over the course of the World Cup on Google’s homepage.

Over the next month, the Women’s Soccer World Cup will see players from the national teams of 24 countries compete. The final match will take place on July 7 in Lyon, France. FIFA, the organizing body of Women’s World Cup 2019, calls it the biggest Women’s World Cup taking place yet. The official mascot of this year’s game is ettie the French poussin. Seven teams are making their appearance in the World Cup, and defending champion America will be gunning for its fourth title.

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During the 2019 World Cup, four teams – Chile, Scotland, South Africa and Jamaica – are making their debut. Jamaica, in particular, is the first Caribbean team ever to qualify. This is the first Women’s World Cup to use the video assistant referee (VAR) system. The first match is between host nation France and South Korea and the second game is held between Germany and China. The group stage will conclude in three days, and qualified teams will progress to round of 16.

  • Published Date: June 7, 2019 9:00 AM IST