Google Duplex appointment making feature rolled out to 'small group' of Pixel users

Google Duplex enables Google Assistant to call businesses and make appointments for on your behalf.

  • Published: November 22, 2018 2:43 PM IST
Google Duplex Sundar Pichai IO 2018 main

Google’s AI-based virtual assistant calling feature ‘Duplex’ is now being rolled out to Google Pixels in the United States. The search giant demoed this feature during Google I/O earlier this year.

Google’s Duplex essentially enables Google Assistant to call businesses and make appointments for on your behalf. All you need to do is ask the Assistant to book an appointment/reservation at a certain place with details like when do you want that appointment to be, and Google Assistant from that point onwards handles everything from placing the call, to making an actual reservation just like human beings. Once the appointment is done, Assistant notifies the user of the timings and details of the appointment.

During Google Duplex demo on stage, it was astonishing to see how the system could understand complex sentences, the context of the query, and even navigate through any interruptions. The conversation was so flawless that the person on the other end did not realize that it was a machine talking to them.

At present, Google Duplex is being pushed out to a small group of Pixel users in select cities in the US, confirmed a Google spokesperson to Venture Beat. Also, the the feature is limited to making restaurant reservations to start with. The service only works in English, and is still in testing.

Google says that if the service is not available at a particular restaurant, then Assistant will notify the user with message noting that the feature is not ready to make reservations at this place. It will also include the phone number of the restaurant, so that you can manually do it yourself.

  • Published Date: November 22, 2018 2:43 PM IST