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Google has not updated Android Distribution Dashboard for 6 months; raises questions about Android Pie's reach

Google has not shared how Android's distribution has evolved over six months now. It is thus not clear how many devices currently run Android Pie as Google prepares to release Android Q.

  • Published: April 29, 2019 9:48 AM IST
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Google has not updated the Android distribution dashboard, a centralized place to understand the distribution of various versions of Android, for six months now. The search and ad giant last updated the distribution number on October 26, 2018, and has not released new details about the adoption of its mobile operating system since then. It has been a practice for the company to share useful information regarding the availability of different versions of Android across over 2 billion active devices and has gone without updating those numbers for six months.

For Google, it has been a constant struggle to get the newest version of Android on as many active devices as possible. Apple, the second major mobile platform vendor, has taken multiple shots at Google, to show how it is far behind the iPhone maker when it comes to release of newest version. Now, with Google not updating the dashboard data, there is no clarity on the distribution of Android across active devices. Google has also not offered an official statement on when it plans to update the distribution data.

Google notes in Android Distribution Dashboard that the data feed is under maintenance. According to VentureBeat, Google confirmed that the dashboard is undergoing site maintenance, and the search giant planned to offer an update when the fix is available. However, it has not shared any details on update and it is April now. The data is not only useful for companies, but also developers who wish to target API level using the data from distribution table.

According to distribution data for the 7-day period ending October 26, 2018, Android Nougat is the most used operating system with a share of 28.2 percent. Android Oreo was the second most used operating system with a share of 21.5 percent. Android Pie, which was released in August last year, did not appear in distribution numbers till October and there is no clarity as to where the newest operating system is in terms of distribution.

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The lack of update for Android distribution numbers also highlights Android’s fragmentation problem, which has been debated repeatedly for several years now. Google planned to fix it with Project Treble, but it does not seem to have gone a long way. Samsung, one of the most popular Android smartphone makers, is yet to release Android Pie for its budget devices, and released update for its flagships only in December. It needs to be seen when Google will update the Android distribution table and we might see any announcement at I/O 2019.

  • Published Date: April 29, 2019 9:48 AM IST