Google is finally rolling out Messages for web; allows you to send SMS from your browser

This makes Android "Messages" app for Android similar to how WhatsApp for Web works at the time of writing.

  • Published: June 19, 2018 10:16 AM IST
Google Android Messages for Web 805px

Image: Google

After months of hints in the internal code of Android “Messages” app, Google is finally rolling out “Messages for Web”. This latest feature allows users to pair the “Messages” app by Google, the offering by Google to handle SMS duties in its Pixel and Nexus lineup. Once the pairing is done, users can use their web browser to send SMS without the need to check your smartphone. One thing to note here is that your device needs to be connected to the Internet if you want to access this new feature.

This makes “Messages” app for Android similar to how WhatsApp for Web works at the time of writing. The obvious difference here is that “Messages” app relies on telecom operators for sending and receiving the messages while WhatsApp completely depends on the access to the Internet. Google posted a blog post to highlight this feature along with other changes that the company has added in the “Messages” app. These new features include sending GIFs without leaving the app with access to “GIF Search” inside the app. The search does not require you to have GBoard, the keyboard that Google offers Android users.

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Other features include the “Smart Reply” feature that first came with Google Allo, another offering by Google for text-based communication. The company pointed out that you can tap on the suggestions from the feature to respond to the messages without the need to type them.

Image: Google

The feature gives your text as well as emoji suggestions as responses. The feature is limited to the English language at the time of writing with support coming “to more languages over time.” Google also allows users to check the previews to the links that you or your contact list is sharing inside “Messages” app so that you don’t need to leave the app to check what website or the content of the link is.

Last feature addition that the company highlighted is the ability to easily copy the OTP (One-time-passwords) that you receive while doing any banking activity, Two-factor authentication access or registering to one of the many apps that rely on OTPs to authenticate your account. “Messages” now allows users to easily copy the OTP directly from the notification without the need to leave the app.

  • Published Date: June 19, 2018 10:16 AM IST