Google Keep update makes it easier to draw and take handwritten notes

The new update offers grid lines, which makes it easy to draw with precision

  • Published: July 4, 2018 1:46 PM IST
Google Keep Grid

Google Keep is Google’s official note taking application. While Google doesn’t update the app that often, it is has been adding new features to the note-taking application in the last two months to compete better with the likes of other third-party applications. The most recent update comes with tools that are focused on improving the drawing experience in the app.

While drawing functionality was already available on Google Keep, the 5.0.251 update further adds to it by bringing in a grid line canvas, allowing users to draw with more precision and accuracy. The new feature will further make it easier to take notes, especially on tablets and devices that come with stylus support. A similar update had also been released for the app on Chrome OS in May.

The new feature works in a simple way. When enabling the drawing mode, users have the option to choose between four types of grid lines for the canvas. This includes Square, Dots, Rules and None. Choosing one will change the entire background to that pattern. While Square and Dots are great for drawing, Rules grid should come in handy for taking handwritten notes, just like a notebook. The update is currently available for Android devices on Google Play.

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Last month Google added the functionality to indent items on Google Keep, further allowing users to create subtasks under a main task. This helps improve the apps organizational skills, making it ideal for people who want to use one note to manage a detailed to-do list.

  • Published Date: July 4, 2018 1:46 PM IST