Google Maps adds auto-rickshaws as mode of public transport

The new Google Maps feature will be rolling out to commuters in New Delhi, starting today.

  • Published: December 17, 2018 3:57 PM IST
google maps

Of all the Google services that people use on a daily basis, Maps has to be perhaps one of the most useful. Trusted by billions of commuters around the world, Google Maps includes everything from real-time traffic information to turn-by-turn navigation. The service, which supports both rapid transit and public transport, is now getting even better.

Google Maps on Android now supports auto-rickshaws as a mode of public transport. Using the new feature, commuters will be able to see suggested routes and check estimated auto-rickshaw fares directly from within the app. The feature will be rolling out for commuters in New Delhi, starting today.

Before using the functionality, users need to update Google Maps’ Android app to its latest version (10.6). The auto-rickshaw mode can be found under ‘public transport’ in the app. Once auto-rickshaw is selected as the preferred mode of transport for a specific route, commuters will be able to check the estimated fare for the journey and see traffic details.

As useful as this feature is, there’s no word as to when Google Maps’ iOS app will be updated to support auto-rickshaws as a mode of public-transport.

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“The idea of this feature is to incorporate one of the most commonly used modes of public transport in Google Maps and share transparent information about the price of the journey. Currently, for an unfamiliar journey, commuters often overpay and don’t have an idea about the distance or best route. The feature will also help users plan their journey better, so they could look at the expected cost of the auto-rickshaw ride and decide whether they want to take it all the way or perhaps take a different mode of transport instead – like a bus or a metro,” Vishal Dutta, Product Manager, Google Maps, was quoted as saying.

  • Published Date: December 17, 2018 3:57 PM IST