Google may move the web version of Messages to from the current

Google has gradually started avoiding the name Android with each progressive product launch.

  • Published: December 27, 2018 3:08 PM IST
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It looks like Google may be looking beyond the Android brand according to the latest changes in the source of Chrome OS. As per reports, the company is planning to move the web app of Messages to from the current Even though it may be a stretch to think that the company is looking to phase out Android, but it sure appears that the company may be looking at the future. The company has not revealed any plans to do so in the official capacity but according to previous reports, the company is already working on Fuchsia OS.

Google is also working on improving its existing Chrome OS with each successive version. It is likely that the company may launch Fuchsia as a middle ground or hybrid of what we currently view as Android and Chrome OS but it is still years away from reality. Stepping back to the move of switching to, the was initially spotted in Gerrit for Chromium, a source code management platform that Google uses. It was initially reported by 9to5Google where Google is planning to move to from the current

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The report also noted that Google has gradually started avoiding the name Android with each progressive product launch and the clearest case of this is that the company did not say “Android” even a single time during the entire Google Pixel 3 launch event. In the past, the company has also renamed its most popular apps from “Android Messages” to “Messages, “Android Pay” to “Google Pay” and even “Android Wear” was renamed to “Wear OS”.

The report noted that there is no at the time of writing but it is possible that it may be coming soon. It also noted that the change in the URL is not likely to take place in coming days or even weeks but the company may make the shift in version 72 or 73 of Chrome OS. It is also possible that the company may keep both the URLs working for a couple of months after the switch to make sure that users who are habitual to do not feel lost.

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  • Published Date: December 27, 2018 3:08 PM IST