Google now lets you block annoying ads you don’t want to see

Google earned $95.4 billion (approximately Rs 6,800 crore) through ad sale last year.

  • Published: June 18, 2018 8:12 PM IST
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Image: Google

It’s become common to see pop-up ads for products that you have searched for online. But now Google is allowing users to ban these ads for good. The tech giant announced recently that it will be expanding a set of controls for users that will allow them to block ads specifically targeted at them.

While the “Mute” feature has existed for a while now, the company stated that it will be bringing that feature to its other platforms as well including YouTube and Gmail. It looks like Google is being more cautious, given the rising scrutiny around tech giants using the personal information to target consumers. In a way it also shows that the company is more interested in keeping its users satisfied, considering the fact it earned about $95.4 billion (approximately Rs 6,800 crore) through ad sales last year.

The new feature comes through an online portal called Ad Settings. To enjoy its benefits users will have to be signed in with their Google account across desktop and other devices. With the new settings in place, Google also explains what online behavior it tracks and how it targets ads. Google estimated 5 billion ads being muted last year and suggests about more being done this year.

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The new features are also put in place to help people manage ads better rather than outright ban them. Google states that it will help marketers understand what kind of ads annoy people and which ones invite them to click further. This would also enable them to be more efficient with their approach in time.



  • Published Date: June 18, 2018 8:12 PM IST