Google Pay web app for online payments gets a fresh new look

The refreshed interface comes in line with the Material theme being implemented across Google's apps and services.

  • Published: July 9, 2018 3:21 PM IST
google pay new web interface bgr

The web interface of Google Pay is getting a new design, with the new user interface being rolled out to users from today. Google Pay is the new name for Android Pay, which is Google’s digital payment platform to enable users to make payments on their smartphones, as well as other connected devices such as smartwatches and tablets. The refreshed look can be seen by heading over to and logging in with your existing Google account.

Google Pay allows point-of-sale payments and tap-to-pay funds transfers in some countries, where users can upload their credit or debit card information and use NFC in their phones or other devices to make payments. Similarly, users can also use Google Pay to transfer funds to other users using an email address or mobile number. However, these options aren’t available in India, where the Google payments center can only be used to make payments and keep track of spends for Google services and subscriptions, including app purchases on the Google Play Store.

The new look and features simplify the interface significantly. With the redesign, users can now see activity which shows a list of the recent spends, payment methods can be added and removed, subscriptions can be managed, billing addresses can be modified and certain settings can be changed and edited. For users in other countries, some of these may be fairly significant, but even if you’re in India, the new interface makes it easier to keep track of your spends on Google services.

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Various Google services and apps have been getting recent redesigns, with the most recent being the Google Home app for Android devices. Gmail also got a massive makeover earlier this year, as Google is changing the way its services look in a move to adopt the new Material theme across its products.

  • Published Date: July 9, 2018 3:21 PM IST