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Google Play adds introductory discounts on app subscriptions

With an introductory discount, Google Play app developers will be able to offer app subscriptions at a lower price for a set time period before charging the full price.

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Google’s Play Store is home to millions of apps across various categories. While some are free, a lot of apps are premium or subscription based. In order to help developers monetize better with their premium apps, Google has announced a new feature that will allow app makers to offer introductory discounts on subscriptions.

In its blog post, Google notes that subscriptions are the faster growing business model on Play and consumers’ spending on subscription apps has increased 10 times over the last three years. With the new discount on subscriptions feature, developers will be able to create an introductory price for new subscribers for a set period of time before the regular subscription price is charged. For example, if there is an app subscription that costs Rs 30 per month, developers can offer new subscribers the subscription at an introductory price of Rs 10 for the first few months as required and later ramp it up to the original price. According to Google, a custom pricing strategy will help developers quickly acquire more subscribers and grow their subscription business. This will also help do away with forming a custom payment infrastructure to support discounted subscriptions.

The feature was announced at Google’s Playtime event for developers. At the same event, the search giant announced progresses made in other segments. The company announced that its anticipated Daydream VR platform will soon be made available and the Google Play Store will offer high-quality VR apps. It further announced that Android apps which currently run on Android smartphones and tablets have been now made available in beta on few Chromebook devices. ALSO READ: Free Android and iOS apps, web-based services leak personal information: Study

To help developers market their apps and services in a better manner, Google had introduced a couple of new features such as pre-registration for major upcoming Android apps and Early Access for feedback in beta. Google said that developers have been leveraging the open beta program to interact with early-adopter users and get feedback before an official launch. According to Google, the open beta titles have been installed over 4 million times and the demand is growing.

With the coming of complex technologies and newer platforms, the gaming industry is more complex than before. To ensure fair play, Google announced a new API which will help developers identify users who have requested refunds to help them manage their earnings. This program is currently in beta phase.

  • Published Date: November 4, 2016 6:45 PM IST