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Google Play Store is recommending some users to opt for lite apps: Report

Reportedly, these recommendations are based on the smartphone used to access the Play Store.

  • Published: March 26, 2018 1:19 PM IST
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Over the past few years, developers have realized the huge gap that exists in global markets. This holds especially true when it comes to internet infrastructure in areas such as data availability and internet speeds. The result has been a rise in the adaption of Lite apps on several platforms. Classic examples being Facebook Lite, Skype Lite, YouTube Go, and Twitter Lite.

There also seems to be another gap in this entire arrangement – not all users are even aware of the existence of a Lite version of their favorite apps. Google now aims to solve this problem.

First pointed out by a Reddit user, Google Play Store is now popping a new message to some users to alert them about lite alternatives. The message also shows the file size of the lite app, and tapping on ‘View’ takes you to the app listing.

Do note, that not all users are being shown this notification. Some reports suggest that this could also be based on the device you are accessing Google Play Store from. If the Play Store algorithm calculates that you could be better off with a liter app, only then it notifies a user. The relevance of this algo calculation hasn’t yet been confirmed.

For anybody who is unfamiliar with the “lite” apps, these are basically lightweight versions of the primary apps most of us use.. They are less “heavy” in terms of installation size, and are more data-friendly, which is aimed at users who are in markets where internet isn’t so fast or stable and might be expensive.

  • Published Date: March 26, 2018 1:19 PM IST