Google refreshes its list of Android Excellence awardees for Q2 2018

Google's list includes apps and games that are built to take full advantage of the Android OS and ecosystem, and aren't necessarily the top-selling or most popular apps.

  • Published: April 6, 2018 4:00 PM IST
android excellence awardees

It hasn’t been too long since Google announced its Android Excellence list, and the curated segment has already received a refresh. Google has stuck to its assurance of updating the list every quarter, and we now have a new list of Android Excellence awardees for Q2 2018. The list takes into consideration those apps and games that are designed to work well on Android. The list includes apps that take into consideration the platform’s advantages and features, apps that conform to Google’s Material Design styling, as well as those apps and games that are designed to work on a large range of devices across budgets.

This is of course completely different to apps that are popular or generate large revenues, which too are a measure of an app’s success. While those apps make different lists, the Android Excellence segment does not put any importance on the popularity or revenue-generating capabilities of any app. The curated list will therefore ensure a uniform quality of apps, ensuring that these apps are built to function well on the Android operating system.

The Android Excellence list can be found in the Google Play Store on Android smartphones, within the ‘Editor’s Choice’ segment. In the Editor’s Choice selection, you can also see other curated lists by the editors of the Google Play Store. These lists are dynamic and keep changing. For example, there are currently lists of learning apps, productivity apps, photo editors and many more. Within the Android Excellence sub-segment, there are two separate lists for apps and games. You can also access these lists on a desktop through your browser.

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Some of the popular apps and games on the latest list include WPS Office (a software suite for documents, spreadsheets and presentations), Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (a photo editor), Hostelworld (an app to book hostels around the world), Marvel Contest of Champions, Angry Birds 2 and Lords Mobile, to name a few. To access the complete lists, follow the steps above on your Android smartphone or through your web browser.

  • Published Date: April 6, 2018 4:00 PM IST