Google reportedly developing a YouTube app for Fuchsia OS

YouTube is one of Google's most popular apps and it only makes sense to avail it on the platform.

  • Published: July 4, 2018 3:00 PM IST
YouTube new logo

Google has been working on its Fuchsia OS for a while though there have been not much to know about the project in this time. But we may now have an idea of something that might be brewing in the project. According to reports Google may be developing a dedicated YouTube player for the platform.

According to recent reports, there have been some code sightings in the Fuchsia Gerrit code review, that indicates to the present claim. The code seems to refer to the managing the syncing of “Stories”, which are YouTube based cards or applets.

The code refers to “youtube_player” and a “youtube_state_entity_codec” which has been the biggest hint in this case. Though according to the comment that followed this code, it was an example of how things can go wrong while coding for the Fuchsia platform.

The code that was seen is probably available in a specific portion under the “fuchsia-vendor-google” tag that is outside the “Topaz” level. The Topaz level indicates the base level layer that the vendors build their devices upon and this might indicate that the feature won’t be readily available with the OS.

The page that is associated with the code has since been returning a 404 error which means that it has been removed for the time being, and this could be for a lot of reasons.The OS is still in its early stages of development and YouTube being one of the most popular apps of Google should technically make it to the platform. All we need to do now is wait for more information.

  • Published Date: July 4, 2018 3:00 PM IST