Google search results will soon have more ‘diverse perspectives’

Google will soon show multiple featured snippets for better search results.

  • Published: February 1, 2018 6:35 PM IST

Google, in a recent blog post, has revealed its plans to put more of a premium on “diverse perspectives” in its search results. Google says it will soon alter its Search tool wherever appropriate.

“There are often legitimate diverse perspectives offered by publishers, and we want to provide users visibility and access into those perspectives from multiple sources,” Matthew Gray, Google’s software engineer overseeing featured snippets, was quoted in the blog post as saying.

Essentially, this change will affect the boxed text that often shows at the top of results pages – known as a Featured Snippet – which contains a response sourced from a third-party site. As of now, we see only a single box, but it will sometimes show multiple Snippets in the future. This move could help Google fight allegations of the company spreading lies via its search results.

“Another format coming soon is designed to help people better locate information by showing more than one featured snippet that’s related to what they originally searched for.”

Google says showing more than one featured snippet may also eventually help in cases where you can get contradictory information when asking about the same thing but in different ways.

Further, Google also said it is also considering new labeling so its users could see when a featured answer is an imperfect match based on a proximate question. “We’re considering increasing the use of a format we currently employ only in some limited situations, to make it clearer when we serve a near-match,“ Google wrote.

Google will now try to answer with information “strongly aligned” with the search so a webpage contending a result would likely be shown. Now with the multiple snippets, Google will show results some of which may match or contradict the query, consequently giving a better and larger perspective to a reader.

Google introduced Snippets into its search results in 2014, placing the boxed text below paid listings but above other links. The idea is to provide information that users want without them having to click through to another page.

  • Published Date: February 1, 2018 6:35 PM IST