Google Tasks is a new to-do list app that integrates Gmail, Calendar

Google Tasks is available for free on the Google Play Store.

  • Updated: April 25, 2018 5:23 PM IST
Google Tasks app launched

In addition to introducing the biggest ever change to its Gmail, Google also announced a new standalone app called Google Tasks that gives a material design finish to your mundane to-do list. The Google Tasks app is available for free on the Google Play Store. While there is also an iOS version, its listing is not live on the App Store as of now.

Google Tasks, as the app description reads, allows you to manage, capture and edit your tasks from across synced devices. It also integrates two of the most important G Suite apps – Gmail and Google Calendar – to enhance productivity.

As any other to-do list app, Google Tasks also allows you to create new tasks or subtasks, set deadlines, and view, edit or manage them on-the-go. You can further add notifications or reminders to each of these tasks so you don’t remember to buy house supplies after you have crossed the store.

Given the use of Material Design 2, the interface is simpler and seamless. You can manage tasks created in Gmail or Calendar from the app. You can also add little details on any task you need to focus on. With the integration of Gmail and Calendar, you can also create a task directly from an email, or trace a task back to its source in the email, and so on. You can drag-and-drop tasks to set their priority.

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One of the interesting things to note is that the Google Tasks app is part of the G Suite of apps, which means it is unlikely to fizzle out soon as other experimental apps. By adding it to the G Suite of apps, Google Tasks may receive support for other apps of the ecosystem including Sheets, Drive, and so on.

  • Published Date: April 25, 2018 5:22 PM IST
  • Updated Date: April 25, 2018 5:23 PM IST