Google Tez: How to use this light UPI app to make transactions

Here's a detailed guide on how to use the new Google Tez payment app.


Adding to the list of payments services in India, Google launched its Tez mobile wallet and payment service app. Tez allows one to transfer money using UPI address, mobile number, account number, or QR code. While much of the app functions similar to Paytm, BHIM, or other such UPI apps, Google’s expertise makes the design of Tez to come across as refreshing. The official rollout of the app begins for both iOS and Android starting today, here’s a quick guide on how to set up your account on Tez, and get started.

The setup process

You start by installing the app on your device. As is the case with most UPI apps, it ties with your registered mobile number. Once you launch the app, enter your mobile number when prompted to. This is the mobile number linked to your bank account. Once you register with the app, select the Google account you want to use (in case, you have two Google accounts running on the same device).

You will then be sent an OTP to your registered phone number. Once you enter the OTP, you are successfully registered.


After this initial setup, you need to secure the app using Google PIN and further fingerprint authentication. Remember that you will be required to provide the PIN or fingerprint input each time you open the app.

google-tez-how-to-2Interestingly, unlike other apps, Tez will prompt you if your PIN is not strong enough for the app. I tried the worst PIN combination of 0000, and the app prompted me to try again with a better PIN. If you do not want to use fingerprint, you can choose to do so and simply use the PIN for accessing the app.

Link your bank accounts

Before you make a transaction, you need to add your bank to the app. Tez works with all banks in India that support UPI. You can check the full list here. So for example, if you’re an HDFC account holder and have UPI enabled, you can simply put in the UPI code to link it to the app and start transferring money.

In case you have forgotten the UPI PIN (like I did), you can reset it through Tez itself. However, for this, you will be required to insert the last six digits of your debit or credit card along with validity date. Once you do that, you will receive a message from your bank about your number and device being successfully captured for UPI. You can now set the UPI PIN for your account. With this step, you will have you bank account linked to Tez. You can add more than one bank account to the app.

How to transfer money

There are several modes through which you can start transferring money. If you swipe down on the main page of app, you will see the ‘Cash Mode’. This mode works the same way as ShareIt, by using the nearby feature, only here you are transferring money instead of pictures or songs. Simply tap on it and swipe down to receive and up for paying. Using the nearby feature, you can then choose to receive or send money to contacts who are registered on the app and have UPI-linked virtual addresses. It is worth noting that you can only exchange money with users who not only have the app installed in their devices but also have their respective mobile number linked to their bank account for UPI. ALSO READ: UPI transactions growing way faster than Aadhaar-based payments: Report

Alternatively, you can choose to transfer using the phone number, QR code, account number or UPI ID. For this, go to the main page, and tap on ‘New’ to start a payment. It is worth mentioning that those who are in your contact list and have the app installed, and have added their bank account registered for UPI, will show with a blue dot next to their names.

google-tez-how-to-1To start a payment, you can choose from available mode of payments (bank account, UPI ID, mobile number, or QR code). You simply enter the amount, along with an optional reason, and proceed to enter your UPI PIN to make the payment. Similarly, you can also request money by tapping on the name of the contact who is using Tez and a message thread-like page will open where you can choose to request money. It is to be noted that the maximum limit for merchants is Rs 50,000 for a month. After this, there will be additional requirements by the bank for processing the transaction.

As it is still in its initial versions, you might experience some glitch while setting up the app. Some of my team members were not able to set up their account on the app initially. However, once they did that after repeated attempts, the transfer of money using both Cash Mode and the regular mode by Tez was seamless.

The history of your transfers is tucked under the ‘All Transactions’ tab right on the main page. Upon tapping on individuals transaction, you can see related details. For history of transactions using the nearby-based Cash Mode, there’s a separate tab below the all transactions. As you make your first transaction through the app, you and the recipient will both receive Rs 51 as a reward.

Rewards and Offers

The Tez app also has a rewards and offers section on the main page. Here, all offers related to the app are displayed. Currently, Google has three offers which are live. One offer is based on referrals. If you refer someone, you and the person who installs and uses the app, both get Rs 51 as a reward. This gets credited within 48 hours. The second offer makes you eligible for a Rs 1 lakh Lucky Sundays bounty scheme if you pay/ get paid by someone Rs 50 or more. Lastly, you get a scratch card worth up to Rs 1,000 for each person who uses Tez. If they win, the amount goes directly to their bank account.

  • Published Date: September 18, 2017 12:06 PM IST
  • Updated Date: September 18, 2017 12:32 PM IST