Google’s mysterious ‘AltOS’ mode could allow Pixelbook to run Windows 10

Dual-boot on Chrome OS would be a welcome move.

  • Published: April 20, 2018 8:50 PM IST

Google’s flagship Chrome OS laptop, the Pixelbook, is one of the interesting laptops you can buy. However, because of the restrictions that Chrome OS brings, not a lot of people consider it as a real operating system. The initial version required internet to be connected continuously to use it. Basically, it was cloud-connected OS, but those restrictions have gone now. Yet, it is a very closed system, and that may change soon.

Microsoft’s Windows is one of the most popular operating system that people are used to. Apple’s MacBooks allow you to dual boot Windows or macOS, and Google is reportedly planning to introduce a similar option on Chromebooks. Rumors suggest that Google is working on ‘AltOS’ mode that would allow installing a second operating system. Evidence of the same was spotted by a Reddit commentator who found references of the mode in the Pixelbook’s development code.

“Evidence is pretty light for this, so we’re still at the speculative stage for what AltOS could mean. Perhaps this is to make it easier for the internal developers to boot into Fuchsia; perhaps the reviewer comment means that this is for booting Windows natively,” the user commented on a Reddit thread.

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Essentially, the newly discovered AltOS mode would likely pave way for developers to add Fuchsia OS, which will reportedly combine elements of Chrome and Android OS. Another possibility of AltOS mode could be to allow users to install alternative OS in the form of Linux or Windows 10, depending on their preferences.

Either way, it would not only help users, but also improve usefulness of Pixelbook that currently only runs Google’s limited Chrome OS. And users who rely on tools such as Microsoft Office, would be benefited by being able to install Windows 10.

  • Published Date: April 20, 2018 8:50 PM IST