GoPro camera gets covered in lava, survives it and shoots this amazing video

You have go to watch this!

  • Published: November 10, 2017 9:47 PM IST

A man decided to blanket his GoPro camera with lava. Real hot molten lava. And against all odds, the camera survived the red-hot liquid, and emerged with a stunning video of the hot bath.

First shared by PetaPixel (via SlashGear), the video was uploaded on YouTube. When you begin watching the video you cannot really anticipate what is going to come next. It starts off with a low angle view of rocks and lava. But then even with no audio or effects, the moulting lava itself catches a viewer’s attention, with it slowly spreading through the crevices of the rocks.

And then we see someone grab the camera and put it into a deep crevice to record a flow of lava as it comes toward — and ultimately covers — the camera. First, we see the lava up close, then we see the camera catch on fire. It continues to record its own flames, which is marvellous to watch. To be honest, this had a bit of Stranger Things feels.

Soon, the lens goes dark and it seems like the camera may have died, but moments later we see some light leak through the cloudy, dirty lens. This happens multiple times, making it clear the camera is still recording despite the molten rock crawling toward it. Someone pulls it free from the lava flow and drops it on the ground, lens up, and we see that it is not only still recording, but also doing it so clearly to distinguish someone above it is looking down. ALSO READ: This man built himself a plane so he could save 7 minutes off his office commute

Kilauea EcoGuides’ Erik Storm, who had recorded this video, revealed that the camera sat in the GoPro housing and likely wouldn’t have survived without it. However, that fact doesn’t make the camera’s survival any less impressive. Storm reports having had to hammer the camera free of the cooled rock, only to find that the camera was still on and the Wi-Fi light was still blinking. ALSO READ: GoPro strapped to a cheetah captures the big cat’s thrilling speed


  • Published Date: November 10, 2017 9:47 PM IST