Hackers deposit Re 1 in TRAI chairman R S Sharma’s bank account after posting Aadhaar challenge on Twitter

Even after all this Sharma continued to claim that none of the data posted has been able to harm him.

  • Published: July 30, 2018 10:34 AM IST
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Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) chairman R S Sharma seems to be in the eye of the storm after he posted his Aadhaar details on this Twitter account while challenging the critics of Aadhaar to show him “one concrete example” where they “can do any harm” to him. Right after Sharma posted the details on the internet, users started to dig in on the internet for his details or even straight away trolling him for sharing the Aadhaar number on the internet.

French security expert operating under the pseudonym Elliot Alderson, (@fs0c131y) pointed out that users have been able to get his personal address, alternative mobile number and date of birth, email ID, type of phone, WhatsApp photo, and PAN number over a series of tweets. Hackers also pushed Sharma to change the password of his Google account because of all the information posted online. According to the latest report by The Times of India, ‘ethical hackers’ issued a claim that they have got their hands on the bank details of Sharma.

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If you are not aware of the term ‘Ethical hackers’ then to recap, these hackers try to get into computer networks to evaluate and test the security of the systems without any intention of causing any harm. Soon after this, users started posting screenshots of them deposited Re 1 in Sharma’s account through IMPS from Aadhaar-enabled Paytm or BHIM app, and  A number of ethical hackers posted a list of “nearly 14 items” that leaked out on the internet including telecom operation, voter ID number, and Air India frequent flyer ID.

The report also detailed that as part of the banking details, the hackers had access to his bank account number and IFSC codes to “five other accounts” in Bank of India, SBI, PNB, Kotak Mahindra, and ICICI Bank. One of the hackers also sent Re 1 in Sharma’s Bank of India account with the help of AEPS. If you think that this was all then you are mistaken as hackers posted his payment history with a right-wing website”, usage of Aadhaar card for the sale of organic goods.

Even after all this Sharma continued to claim that none of the data posted has been able to harm him. He went on to challenge people on the internet asking them to do better. This comes right after UIDAI claimed that the information posted about Sharma was not taken from the Aadhaar database.

  • Published Date: July 30, 2018 10:34 AM IST