Happy Holi 2019: Google uses a colorful doodle to celebrate the festival of colors

Traditionally, the festival of Holi marks the start of Spring in the country signifying “a time of renewal”.

  • Published: March 21, 2019 9:12 AM IST
Happy Holi 2019 Google Doodle

Image credit: Google

On the occasion of the Hindu spring festival Holi, Google is celebrating the day with the help of a colorful doodle. The doodle attempts at showcasing everything that the festival is all about from celebrating it with the help of colors, water, and even eating sweets and food. Google also shared some details about the doodle stating that it teamed up with Chaaya Prabhat, at Chennai-based artist to create the colorful Google logo. The official Google Doodle went on to elaborate the festival by stating that it is an annual event and the country marks it as a national holiday.

Traditionally, the festival marks the start of Spring in the country signifying “a time of renewal”. It is one of the largest and widely celebrated festivals in India along with the likes of Diwali. As previously mentioned, the festival is also known as “festival of colors” or “festival of love” as it is generally marked as a time of letting go of the past. Talking about the festival, it is a two-day affair that starts on the night before Holi on the full moon. This night is known as ‘Choti Holi’ or ‘Holika Dahan’ and usually celebrated with sacred bonfires.

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In addition to the usual dance and song, “some even walk across hot coals” and others smear ashes on the skin signifying purification along with the victory of good over evil. The doodle details also reveal that the celebration of the festival with the help of colored powder was inspired by the Hindu God, Lord Krishna.

After celebrating the festival entire day with colors, people clean themselves up and then dress in white at the end of the day to pay their respects to elders in the family and teachers. The cleaning at the end of the day usually marks for restoring the order until the next year. The Google Doodle page also indicated that this doodle is visible in three countries across the world. This includes India, Canada, and Belgium.

  • Published Date: March 21, 2019 9:12 AM IST