Here’s a game with a source code so small it can fit into a tweet

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If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, you should try a new game called Tiny Twitch. It may not boast much in terms of gameplay, but you start appreciating the genius behind the game by the fact that the source code for the whole thing can fit inside a single tweet.

Yes you heard right, the source code for Tiny Twitch is only 140 characters long. What started out as a response to a challenge by an Aussie game developer, has resulted in an impressively simple game developed by Alex Yoder. All you need it to click the X that appears on different parts of your computer screen. You earn points for the maximum number of X you click on in a limited time.

You can head over to Alex Yoder’s website to play the game. Let us know your high scores in the comments section below.

  • Published Date: July 2, 2015 4:46 PM IST