Here's how you can Shazam right from within Snapchat

This is probably the coolest hidden Snapchat feature.


The Snapchat and Instagram battle remains. And Instagram visibly seems to be taking over Snapchat, despite the latter’s recent attempts of allowing links, longer video snippets, image backgrounds, voice filter, among other things. However, in our newfound obsession with Instagram, we have managed to overlook a really cool feature that Snapchat has had, all this while. Did you know you could Shazam from within the Snapchat app?

Just last month, Snapchat and Shazam joined hands together, so that you could now recognize unknown songs, from right within the app. And beside, recognizing the songs, you can also share it with your contacts on the app.

How do I Shazam on Snapchat?

To do this is quite simple. Open the camera on your Snapchat app, and play the music that you want to identify. Now tap and hold anywhere on the screen. And done! Your Snapchat app will use it super Shazam powers to show the song name and artist details.

And if you want to share this song with a friend, that’s quite out there too. When you tap and hold, and identify, the details are accompanied with three further options – song info, send, dismiss. Now you can tap on song info for more details on who composed the song, which album is it from, etc. Tapping on Send will open your list of friends on Snapchat, and you can choose one or multiple of them to share it with. And the dismiss, of course, lets you shut down the pop-up. ALSO READ: Instagram was detected with a bug that revealed user emails, phone numbers

You can also share the identified song outside Snapchat. The pop-up with song details will also have the share icon on the top right of the card. Additionally, to promote certain artists and songs, Snapchat also has some special filters with some songs. For example, when we Shazam-ed Maroon 5’s new What Lovers Do, Snapchat allowed us to unlock a new filter around the song’s theme. But the filter came with a validity of an hour.


Can I see my Shazam history on Snapchat?

And the best bit of this partnership is that you don’t actually need to have the Shazam app on your device. iOS users would actually be used to that, considering Shazam was integrated with Siri quite while back, but for Android users this should be fun. However, unlike with Siri, you can actually access your Shazam history on Snapchat.

To do that, you need to tap at the top of your camera screen, then tap in the top right corner of your Profile screen, and scroll down and tap on ‘Shazam’ under Additional Services. You’ll get the record of all the songs you have Shazam-ed through Snapchat ever. ALSO READ: Snapchat plans to move into scripted content by year end

  • Published Date: September 4, 2017 6:04 PM IST
  • Updated Date: September 4, 2017 6:05 PM IST