Honor 10 global launch live updates: Priced at Rs 32,999, will be available exclusively via Flipkart starting midnight of May 16

The smartphone is set to go on sale starting midnight of May 16.

  • Updated: May 15, 2018 8:04 PM IST
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After launching the Honor 10 in China, Huawei’s sub-brand is all set to take the smartphone global. The company is hosting a launch event in London where it will be revealing the Honor 10 price in India, along with offers and other details. Ahead of the launch, Honor had already confirmed that the smartphone will be Flipkart exclusive and will go on sale from the midnight of May 16.

The Honor 10 is expected to be priced around Rs 35,000, and it will be competing with the OnePlus 6, which is also due to launch in London tomorrow. Last year, the Honor View 10 was priced at Rs 29,999, and if Honor can once again go aggressive with the pricing, it will give a tough fight to OnePlus 6. Can it get the price right? Stay tuned for live updates:


Rehan Hooda May 15, 20188:00 pm

Stay tuned for the first impressions of the Honor 10 and detailed comparisons with the competition.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20188:00 pm

That’s it for the global launch event of the Honor 10. Thank you for joining us.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:59 pm

Honor will only launch the 6 GB RAM with 128 GB variant in the Indian market for Rs 32,999.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:56 pm

The company has announced the launch of Honor 10 in 26 countries including India.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:55 pm

Honor 10 is priced at € 399 for the 64GB storage variant with 6GB RAM and at € 449 for the 128GB storage variant with 6GB RAM.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:53 pm

The company recaped all the features of the Honor 10 in a product video.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:51 pm

Honor 10 will come with Monster Earphone II that the company made in association with Monster.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:50 pm

The smartphone will come with Android 8.1 Oreo-based EMUI 8.1.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:50 pm

Honor 10 will come with games on lock screen. This is interesting for parents who don’t really want to unlock and give their phones to their kids.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:48 pm

Honor 10 will come with “High-quality video stabilization” and it will come with support for fast charging. The company claims that you can charge up to 50 percent in 25 minutes.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:48 pm

Honor went on to compare the fingerprint scanner with the competition when the user is trying to unlock the device with wet hands.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:47 pm

Zhao takes back the stage and introduces the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner in the Honor 10.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:39 pm

Sally Balcombe, CEO of VisitBritain/VisitEngland takes the stage to talk about Honor 10 and London.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:38 pm

The company will also hold an “Honor 10 Global Photo content”.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:37 pm

Honor has also added an AI-powered photo gallery that uses machine learning to categorize images on the type of images and scenes.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:35 pm

The front of the camera will also come with 3D facial recognition.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:34 pm

A robot just appeared in the video to explain the features of the camera. The front of the device will come with “enhanced ISO”.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:31 pm

Zhao is showing different photo samples and how AI improves the images.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:28 pm

Honor 10 will come with 3D portrait lighting similar to that in iPhone X.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:25 pm

The company is showcasing the difference between the quality of photos after the help of AI processing engine.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:22 pm

Zhao is focusing on all the AI-powered features that come with the Honor View including “semantic image segmentation.”

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:20 pm

Honor 10 will come with a pair of 16 MP and 24 MP camera sensors with f/1.8 apertures on the back of the device.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:19 pm

Honor claims that the device will come with “Advanced Photography”. Zhao recounts the Honor View 10.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:18 pm

The device will also come with dynamic image recognition in the camera department and event with 3rd parts app such as Prisma.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:15 pm

Honor 10 has a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for AI-powered tasks.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:14 pm

The company claims that the device will come with Advanced AI Experience.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:13 pm

The company is showcasing different themes that will come with the Honor 10. The company will also start a global theme design contest.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:11 pm

Video time where Ray Collins, a wave photographer compares Honor 10’s design and colors with that of waves in the sea.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:09 pm

The device will come with a front-facing under-glass fingerprint scanner.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:08 pm

Honor is now comparing its notch with that of iPhone X. The company also showed the software feature to “turn off the notch” with the help of black bars.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:07 pm

Honor will also launch a “Classic Midnight Black” color for its latest device.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:06 pm

“Phantom Green” is inspired by the northern lights and Zhao also shows off the “Phantom Blue”.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:04 pm

Honor 10 will come in “Phantom Green” and “Phantom Blue” color.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:04 pm

Zhao has revealed the Honor 10 in a video and is on stage with the device. The device does look stunning.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:03 pm

George Zhao points out that the 3D glass on the back of Honor 10 creates the best color reflection.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20187:01 pm

The company has added “nano-scale optical engineering” to introduce Industry’s first dynamic coating process on the Honor 10.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20186:59 pm

Honor adds that Honor 10 will change colors in hand and will not look the same from two different angles. Zhao takes the stage back.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20186:57 pm

The company is talking about its inspirations while designing the Honor 10 from the city to moving lights.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20186:56 pm

It is playing back a video with brief glimpses of the phone focusing on few keywords such as reflection, and motion design.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20186:54 pm

Looks like Honor is about to reveal a new color with the Honor 10.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20186:53 pm

George Zhao welcomes the media and fans from 14 countries to join him for the launch event. He goes on to recall the launch of Honor 8 and Honor 9.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20186:52 pm

Zhao goes on to add that the company has experienced more than 100 percent growth overseas.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20186:51 pm

Honor was one of the top 5 smartphone makers in India in Q1 2018.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20186:50 pm

Honor has experienced more than 200 percent growth in Q1 2018 in UK.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20186:49 pm

Honor President, George Zhao takes the stage and starts talking about how the company has held launch events in London.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20186:48 pm

Honor just showed a number of images and videos on the screen followed by ‘AI’ and an animation of disassembled camera.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20186:47 pm

Honor kicks off the event with a live dance performance as cool graphics complement the dancer on the massive screen on stage.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20186:45 pm

Looks like things are starting off. The stage is immersed in blue light.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20186:36 pm

The launch event is yet to start and we are waiting for the company to kick things off.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20186:34 pm

Looks like Honor is running a bit late. The event was scheduled to start at 6:30 PM.

Rehan Hooda May 15, 20185:44 pm

We are less than an hour away from the global launch of Honor 10. Stay tuned for live updates.

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