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How to schedule WhatsApp messages on your Android smartphone

The trick to schedule WhatsApp messages works on both rooted and unrooted Android smartphones.


WhatsApp is no doubt one of the most popular instant messaging apps, and most of our family and friends already use the platform on daily basis. While WhatsApp lets you instantly send messages, photos and videos, there are times when you want to send a message to someone at a specific time. Be it a reminder to pack something, or a birthday message that you want to send at midnight, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to schedule them. However, this small trick will help you do that exact thing.

There are a handful of apps available on the Google Play Store that lets you schedule not just WhatsApp messages, but also images and videos. The best part is that the basic functionality works on both rooted and unrooted Android smartphones. Of course, there are some limitations of basic version, and you’ll have to buy the full version of the app for all the functions to work. Let’s look at some of the WhatsApp scheduler apps and how they work. ALSO READ: Beware! New WhatsApp scam asks users to pay for lifetime subscription

Apps to schedule WhatsApp messages and prerequisites

Among the available apps on Google Play Store, ‘Scheduler for WhatsApp’ and ‘Scheduler NO ROOT’ are among the ones that are easy to use, and worked well for me. And for those who have a rooted Android device, the ‘Seebye Scheduler ROOT’ would do the trick. ALSO READ: WhatsApp video calling: India leads the world with 50 million minutes per day

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After installing any of the mentioned apps, simply open it and give the required permissions. Next, you’ll also have to head over to Settings -> Accessibility -> Services and enable the service. Once this is done, you’re all set to go.

How to schedule WhatsApp messages

Now, to schedule WhatsApp messages, open ‘Scheduler for WhatsApp’ and tap on the ‘+’ icon on the bottom left. Here, you’ll have to select choose between WhatsApp group or individual contact, followed by selecting the recipient. Next, you’ll have to select the date and time when you want to send the message, followed by frequency and message. The frequency of the scheduled messages can be once, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. ALSO READ: How to get WhatsApp ‘unsend’ message and ‘live location sharing’ features right now

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So, for instance, if you want to remind someone about something every day, you can choose the frequency as daily. You can set a specific time and message, and the same message will be sent over to a group or contact, daily at the set time.  Once that is done, tap on create and your message will be scheduled, and then sent at the given time. ALSO READ: WhatsApp crosses 200 million monthly active users in India; looks to integrate payments

Do note, for the message to be sent, the device’s screen should be unlocked, and there should not be any screen lock – such as PIN, Pattern or Fingerprint lock. This may sound off, but due to security concerns, these apps cannot bypass security screen. So, if you have set a schedule to send a WhatsApp message at 12:00PM, and you unlock the screen at 1:00PM, it only will be sent then. However, if you have a rooted Android device, the app can bypass the security screen and send the message right away.

Sure, it doesn’t serve the purpose for unrooted users, but at least it does the task as soon as the screen is unlocked. Do give these apps a try, and let us know what you think about your experience in our comments section below.

  • Published Date: June 5, 2017 12:58 PM IST