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How to tag people in WhatsApp group chat

The latest update from WhatsApp brings a new feature for Android and iOS devices -- you can now @mention people in group chats. Here is how it works.


WhatsApp just keeps getting better with every new update. After adding message quote and replies, WhatsApp has now rolled out ‘@mentions’ feature that lets you tag members in a WhatsApp chat group. First spotted in beta version of iOS release a couple of months ago, the feature has now made its way the latest versions of Android and iOS apps. It is a server-side update, so you don’t need to download the updated app from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. The working of ‘mentions’ feature is the same as on Facebook and Twitter. Here’s how to use the feature.

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To begin with, the feature only works in a group chat, and is not applicable for individual chats (duh!). To mention someone in a group, start typing ‘@’ and the list of group members will show up. So for instance, if I want to mention Sambit who is a part of a WhatsApp group, I can just add ‘@’ before his name. It will appear as ‘@sambit’ in the chats with text colored in Blue. You can also mention multiple people in a single message. However, there is no separate notification when you get mentioned in a conversation if you have not muted the group. However this feature comes in very handy if you have muted any group as you will now get a notification if anyone @mentions you.

Recently, WhatsApp also added a host of other features to the messaging app including selfie flash and Snapchat-like drawing tools. When using the app’s built-in camera app, the flash icon appears besides the camera shutter button. A handful of smartphones that feature LED flash can take advantage of it while clicking selfies. And for smartphones that don’t feature LED flash, the display lights up to illuminate the user’s face. ALSO READ: WhatsApp update to bring new features to take better selfies, send doodles like Snapchat

The Snapchat-like doodle feature works when you click a photo using the built-in camera and send it to the recipient. Just above the camera shutter button a strip of photos saved in your gallery also appear, which you can attach and add big emoji icons, stickers and include text overlays to make your chats more engaging. ALSO READ: How to create and send animated GIF on WhatsApp

WhatsApp also recently added voicemail feature that lets you send a voice mail to the recipient if the call is rejected or left unanswered. The company also added Twitter-like quote feature, where you can reply to messages with quoted text. Last month, the company also added the long rumored GIF support to the messaging platform that allows you to create and send six seconds animated videos. The feature works on recorded as well as existing videos with duration of six seconds or less.

You can send create and send animated GIFs by taping on the attachment icon on the top of the screen and tap on record video. Next, record a video of six seconds or less and tap on the arrow button. The next screen will bring the trimming page with camcorder icon on the top right, tap on it once to switch to GIF and send. This will convert the video into GIF and send it to the recipient. ALSO READ: WhatsApp will now share your information with Facebook, here’s how you can opt out

  • Published Date: September 20, 2016 5:05 PM IST