HTC Exodus is a block-chain-based smartphone that aims a decentralized internet

HTC also issued a call to internet users and smartphone users to gather in an attempt to “Take back the internet” with its HTC Exodus.

  • Published: May 16, 2018 12:53 PM IST
HTC Exodus

HTC is planning to launch its next flagship, the HTC U12+ in the market. However, it seems like the company decided to take a break, or a separate group from the company decided to come ahead and announced an entirely new device, the HTC Exodus. It will be a block-chain based smartphone that will be “dedicated to decentralized applications.” According to the announcement on the website, there are no specifications in terms of what hardware the device will pack. Instead, the website talks about the technology that the smartphone will pack.

The page has also added a ‘Reserve Now’ button for any potential buyers who want to buy a blockchain-based smartphone. It adds that Exodus will come with a “universal wallet” that will support cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dfinity, and Lightning Networks Plus including others. The interesting part about this new device is the fact that the company claims that it wants to reshape the internet with Exodus by decentralizing the internet. The company also issued a call to internet users and smartphone users to gather in an attempt to “Take back the internet.”

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Universal Wallet is not the only feature that HTC has outlined with the Exodus and other features include ‘DApps’ also known as decentralized apps which users can adapt to take advantage of blockchain technology. HTC claims that the device will be “The Switzerland of Protocols with the ability to operate between different blockchains and each device will act as a node. The more devices that are used, the more decentralized and better the system becomes. It wants double or triple the total nodes in comparison to that of Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The company claims that users own their identity and data on the device rather than putting it all on some server that belongs to some other company as part of a centralized cloud.

  • Published Date: May 16, 2018 12:53 PM IST