IFA 2017: Sony announces rival to Apple AirPod, HomePod

Sony's answer to Apple HomePod and Google Home is here.

  • Updated: August 31, 2017 7:52 PM IST

Ahead of the IFA 2017 tech show in Berlin, Sony showcased its new line of products. Among these, the Sony Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact are bound to get most attention. However, for audiophiles as well as market watches, Sony introduced wireless earbuds, which resemble the Apple Airpods, along with a HomePod clone that works with Google Assistant.

To begin with, there are three new models in the 1000X series of headphones by Sony. These models include the wireless model WF-1000X, behind-the-neck model WI-1000X, and the WH-1000XM2 model. All these models feature noise-cancelling technology. However, what particularly catches attention is the wireless model, WF-1000X, which will be available starting September at a price of $199.99 (approximately Rs 12,800); alongside the WI-1000X – priced $299.99 (approximately Rs 19,300), and the WH-1000XM2 – priced $349.99 (approximately Rs 25,300).

The wireless model is claimed to offer three hours of battery life, while the charging case can provide two more charges to the earbuds, taking the total power backup up to nine hours. The case is said to take an hour and half to charge. Both the earpods feature a physical button to enable ambient sound and the other to receive phone calls. In comparison, the Apple AirPods cost Rs 15,400 in India and allow tracking, in case they fall out of your ear – a feature the Sony earpods lack. The WI-1000X behind-the-neck model is said to provide 14 hours of life. It comes with Bluetooth and NFC support. RELATED: Apple AirPods Review

Coming to the Sony LF-S50G; it is a smart home speaker, which borrows its looks as well as some features from the Apple HomePod. To begin with, it features the familiar fibre mesh-like cylindrical design. It include full-range speaker for vocal and treble, a subwoofer for bass, and an omnidirectional two-stage diffuser for an immersive audio experience across a setting.


The smart speaker can be paired over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or NFC. It also supports multi-room audio controls. Sony places the speakers against the Google Home and not the HomePod. However, the Sony speaker supports gesture controls for playing music, skipping tracks, or adjusting volume, which the Google Home doesn’t support yet.  ALSO READ: Apple HomePod vs Amazon Echo vs Google Home: Which one is coming to your home?

In addition to that, the Sony LF-S50G speaker is splashproof and relies on Google Assistant to help you with daily queries. The smart speaker will be available starting October, priced at $199.99 (approximately Rs 12,800). It will be available in color choices of white and black.

  • Published Date: August 31, 2017 7:49 PM IST
  • Updated Date: August 31, 2017 7:52 PM IST