comscore IIT's are helping India to fight against Coronavirus Outbreak

IIT's are helping India to fight against Coronavirus Outbreak

Check out how IIT's are helping India to fight against Coronavirus Outbreak including sanitizers, ventilators, drone, herbal hand sanitizers, and many other applications. Read more about IIT Hyderabad, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, IIT Roorkee, and IIT Kharagpur building tracking applications, hand sanitizers, ventilators, and drone for sanitization and consulting Indian government for their usages.

  • Published: April 8, 2020 1:55 PM IST
iit helping

iit helping

The total number of positive cases of Coronavirus in India increases to 1071, and the death toll rises to 29. This heartbreaking and challenging situation across India and all over the world has stopped daily activities and essential works. From building App to detect Coronavirus to Ventilators and Sanitizers, IITs are helping India to fight Coronavirus Outbreak. Many IIT’s begin Coronavirus apps that can help people to track the virus and up-to-date news and information about the Coronavirus pandemic. These apps can also help in finding if you have been in contact with people infects with the Coronavirus. Also Read - List of Tracking Apps developed in Coronavirus Outbreak

Here is the list of how IIT’s are helping India to fight Coronavirus Outbreak:

IIT Delhi develops App

To control the Coronavirus Outbreak in India, IIT Delhi students develops an app to trace individuals who came across with Coronavirus patients. The application uses Bluetooth technology to identify people who came in contact with Coronavirus infected patients within 2 meters of range. Five students from IIT Delhi, including Arshad Naseer, Gulshan Jahagid, Vikas Upadhyay, Pankaj Singh, and Anchal Sharma, build the App. The application provides secure and reliable data. Also Read - Oura smart ring could help people detect early symptoms of Coronavirus

A kit develops by IIT Delhi at Kusuma School of Biological Science which will reduce the cost of diagnosing Coronavirus. It is going under clinical trials, and once it gets approve by the Indian government, it will be available at hospitals. Also Read - Government launches Coronavirus tracker app called ‘Aarogya Setu’: Here is how it works

IIT Guwahati prepares Hand Sanitizer

The Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati is helping the Indian government to fight with Coronavirus Outbreak. They have provided scientific help by developing hand sanitizers at its various academic centers and departments. IIT Guwahati prepares 5000 Hand sanitizer bottles for GMCH and Assam government. They have also made real-time PCR Machines to GMCH for diagnosis of Coronavirus. Other departments in IIT Guwahati involves in multiple efforts to prepare an effective vaccine for Coronavirus. The Department of Bioscience and Bioengineering in IIT Guwahati is playing an essential role in developing a therapeutic approach to detect the symptoms of Coronavirus in its initial stage.

The department of Mechanical Engineering and Electronics and Electrical Engineering is developing a robot for carrying medications in isolation wards. The department makes the robot-based screening handheld temperature measuring units, ICU beds, high and broad capacity autoclave machines, ventilators, and much other equipment. The director of IIT Guwahati says while giving interview to Economic Times:

“This center, in the future, would help develop highly competent manpower for diagnosis of different infectious diseases in the early stage of infection and thus their prevention too.”

IIT Guwahati prepared Drone for Sanitization

The institute has also developed a drone with an automated sprayer to sanitize large areas. A group of students who has a start-up known as Racerfly approached the Assam government with their Drone project. Their sprayer system can sanitize roads, parks, and many mother public areas. They claim that the Drone can accomplish the task in less than 15 minutes.

A Civil Engineering Student Anant Mittal says:

“The Drone will help in sanitizing large areas by just one person spraying and monitoring using a mobile app, hence eliminating the need for more cleaners who use manual spraying disinfectant. This will help in following social distancing guidelines issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to fight COVID-19. The crash-proof Drone equips to adjust itself to terrain height and avoid obstacles.”

He further explains how to use the Drone and says:

“The roads and areas select on Google maps, and the Drone can be automated to perform the task within a signal range of 3 km. A drone can cover more than 1.2 hectares in one flight and more than 60 hectares in a day.”

IIT Roorkee develops an app to fight Coronavirus

IIT Roorkee also develops an app that can combat COVID-19 outbreak in the country. The team created the app to help the government deal with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This new coronavirus tracker can monitor the movement of people with the disease and also can do geofencing around him or her.

IIT Roorkee Prepares Herbal Hand sanitizer

Siddharth Sharma and Vaibhav Jain, students of IIT Roorkee, prepare an herbal hand sanitizer for personal hygiene. One hundred fifty liters of Hand Sanitizer made by these two students so far and distributed within the campus. The Herbal Hand Sanitizer prepared in line with all the recommendations given by the WHO and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One of the scholars at IIT Roorkee says:

“In view of the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative to maintain basic hygiene practices since there is no specific treatment or vaccine for the disease. This IIT Roorkee-incubated product will be useful to the entire community by promoting basic hygiene.”

A lot of Herbal Hand Sanitizers is given to the office of the dean for Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy. SRIC is working and helping in campus distribution.

IIT Hyderabad develops low-cost Ventilators

According to the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economic, and Policy, India has 30,000-50,000 ventilators, which are wholly inadequate. To control the Coronavirus Outbreak in the country, we need more than 70,000 ventilators. The VentilatorVentilator built in collaboration with All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Rishikesh, with the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. The Ventilator is known as Pran Vayu. The Coordinator of Tinkering Laboratory, IIT Roorkee, Akshay Dvivedi, said in an interview:

“We have successfully achieved the ventilatory requirement on a test lung, and it can be used for both infants and even overweight adults.”

The Ventilator uses by all age groups. It is equipped with state-of-the-art features and requires controlled Operation. This Operation delivers the precise amount of oxygen need for the patient. The VentilatorVentilator develops on the touch screen model, which will control moisture and temperature for inhaled air. Big Valve Masks, a small device, is used within the VentilatorVentilator to support breathing. The director of IIT Hyderabad, Prof. B.S. Murthy, said:

“Our estimate of the cost is that it can manufacture for less than Rs 5,000, or one-hundredth the price of a conventional machine.”

IIT Kharagpur

Researchers at the IIT Kharagpur campus have also come up with two different alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

IIT Bombay develops Mobile App

IIT Bombay develops a mobile app known as Corontine that will help in tracking a suspected Corona patient or carrying an asymptomatic carrier of Coronavirus if they leave their Quarantine zone. The official website of Coronatine says:

“The CORONTINE app installs on the mobile of asymptomatic carriers (AC) by an authorized agency (AA). The App sends GPS coordinates of the mobiles periodically to a server under the supervision of AA. If a user leaves a specified quarantined zone marked by a geo-fence, it will be auto-detected.”

  • Published Date: April 8, 2020 1:55 PM IST
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