India ranks last in 4G speed comparison across the world: OpenSignal

India's position in the 4G availability has also fallen since the last OpenSignal report in November 2017.

  • Published: February 20, 2018 5:54 PM IST

Amid the long reports of how India is one of the largest economies of the world, OpenSignal’s latest global report has come out, which reveals that India’s 4G speed comparisons are the lowest in the world. In fact, lower than what India’s speeds ranked in 2017.

As per OpenSignal’s The State of LTE report for February 2018, that highlights the availability and speeds of 4G LTE networks across several international markets including India. Our country’s position in the 4G availability has also fallen since its last report released in November 2017. India has an average 4G speed of 6.07Mbps. Whereas, Singapore has the highest with a speed of 44.31Mbps.

“Meanwhile, the bottom ranks in our speed chart feature several countries with large populations – and therefore large mobile subscriber bases – that bring down the global 4G average. For instance, India and Indonesia both averaged 4G downloads below 10Mbps,” the report read.

It’s probably needful to mention the criteria OpenSignal has laid down to measure the 4G speeds of a country. It writes in its blog, “How fast a country’s 4G speed is can depend on many factors: how much spectrum is devoted to LTE, whether it has adopted new 4G technologies like LTE Advanced, how densely networks are built and how much congestion is on those networks. In general, though, the countries with the fastest speeds tend to be the ones that have built LTE-Advanced networks and have a large proportion of LTE-Advanced capable devices.”

In terms of availability of 4G signals, India ranks at number 14 (down from eleventh in November 2017) with an increased 86.26 percent coverage of 4G. The growth is attributable mostly to the telecom boom after Reliance Jio jumped into the scene in 2016. El Salvador and Algeria were last on the list with 4G availability falling below 45 percent.

Now, it’s very interesting here that, India’s 4G availability is actually higher than Singapore, but the two countries lie on two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to the 4G speeds. The reports points out, “In the upper left corner we find India and Thailand. Both countries provide far-reaching access to LTE signals, but in both cases their 4G networks lacked the capacity to deliver connection speeds much faster than 3G technologies”.

In a report from last year, OpenSignal gave out “network congestion” as the main reason behind underperforming data speeds. In the report last November, while we saw Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone offering dwindling speeds, Reliance Jio benefited substantially in the same period.

  • Published Date: February 20, 2018 5:54 PM IST