Indians leave behind phones, prawns and even LCD TV: Uber

India tops Uber's list of most forgetful countries in Asia Pacific region.

  • Published: March 16, 2018 8:24 AM IST

India tops Uber’s list of most forgetful countries in Asia Pacific region, with riders leaving behind not only their phones and bags but also items like Golda chingri (prawns), kid’s tricycle and LCD TV.

Riders in Bengaluru and Delhi-NCR were more forgetful than their counterparts in cities like Manila, Melbourne and Singapore in leaving behind items in their Uber cabs, according to the second edition of the Lost & Found Index by the US-based ride hailing platform.

Besides, Mumbai and Hyderabad were also part of the top 10 ‘most forgetful cities’ list for the Asia Pacific region.

Interestingly, weekends is when more riders reported lost items, along with Fridays and Mondays.

Also, people are most likely to forget an item in their transit between 5 AM-6 AM and 1 PM and 4 PM, according to the index.

With India emerging as the most forgetful country in APAC and Bangalore continuing to be the most forgetful city, Uber’s goal is to sustain efforts in educating riders about the in-app options available to them, in case they lose something in an Uber, Sanjay Gupta, Head of Marketing at Uber India and South Asia said.

“As we approach mercury retrograde, the time of the year generally believed to spur bouts of forgetfulness, this fun and insightful index recognises Uber’s most forgetful riders and may even remind them to do a ‘possession pat down’ before leaving the car on their next ride, he quipped.

Indians also forgot items like cricket batting pads, gold bracelet, mosquito net, poker set and cat harness in their Uber cabs. A photo frame of a rider’s grandmother was also left behind after a trip.

Other ‘forgetful’ countries in the tally included Australia, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia.

Users can report their lost item on the Uber app by selecting ‘Report an issue with this trip’ in the menu and then choosing ‘I lost an item’.

  • Published Date: March 16, 2018 8:24 AM IST