Instagram could soon start warning if you take screenshots of your friend's Stories

The next time you take a screenshot of your friend's Instagram story, you may see a warning.

  • Published: February 12, 2018 11:01 AM IST

Instagram is reportedly working on a new feature that will warn you if someone takes a screenshot of your story. The new feature appears to be aimed at curbing the spread of cyberstalking, and ensure better privacy for users.

Users who are included in the test are shown an alert that the next time they take a screenshot of a friend’s story, the friend will be able to see that. As TechCrunch reports, those who take a screenshot will appear in the list of story viewers with a camera shutter logo next to their name. This will help identify the one who published a story to correctly identify the person who took a screenshot.

It is to be noted that the one who takes a screenshot will be warned through an alert, but the one who is the original publisher will not be shown any alert, and the only way to see who has taken a screenshot is by tapping on the viewers’ list and looking for the shutter logo.

Acknowledging the test, Instagram told the publication that the service is always testing ways to improve user experience on the platform and make it easier to share any moment with people who matter to you.

Earlier, the alerts for screenshots were provided when someone would take a screenshot of a private direct message. For photos or stories, it is possible to take a screenshot without notifying the creator. However, with the upcoming feature, it will be easier for you to keep a tab on who is secretly saving a screenshot of your the vanishing stories.

According to the report, Instagram is likely to roll out the feature if there is not a major impact on engagement. The fact that the creator can track who is taking a screenshot of their stories, other users might be discouraged to watch stories. There’s also a chance of some users ending up watching lesser stories over time. On the other hand, from the creator’s perspective, the feature will help curb instances of stalking, even plagiarism for those running businesses from the account.

  • Published Date: February 12, 2018 11:01 AM IST