Instagram launches a new Quiz sticker allowing users to ask multiple-choice questions in stories

The new feature "Quiz sticker" comes just weeks after the company added its new “Instagram Checkout” features allowing users to make a purchase without leaving the app.

  • Published: April 25, 2019 11:21 AM IST
Instagram Quiz Sticker

Instagram has just launched a new Quiz sticker which enables its users to ask multiple-choice answers. The new sticker comes about two years after the company initially launched its polls stickers allowing its users to conduct polls with its then recently introduced stories section. Similar to the polls sticker, the quiz sticker can also only be used on Instagram stories this means that there are no overall new changes in the behavior of stories as well as the posts. To make the announcement, the company took to its official Twitter handle and posted a 30-second clip showcasing how the new sticker works.

Instagram summarized the feature stating that “Starting today, you can use the new quiz sticker in Stories to ask your friends and followers a multiple-choice question. See how well your friends know you.” To get started with the new sticker, users need to go to the section where they add a new Instagram story and then click a picture or select a photo from the gallery as the background or context of the story. Once that is done, tap on the “Sticker Tray” button at the top of the screen and then select the “Quiz” sticker.

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After you have selected the “Quiz” sticker, a blank template of the sicker will appear where you can add the question and different options as part of the multi-choice question. It is worth noting that users can only add four different options as options to their “Quiz”. The template screen also comes with a rainbow-colored button on the top which can be used to change the color of the “Quiz” template. Users can hit the “Done” button on the top right corner once they are satisfied with their question and the associated options.

This new feature comes just weeks after the company added its new “Instagram Checkout” features allowing users to make a purchase without leaving the app. The “Quiz” sticker is available for both Android and iOS apps at the time of writing. Though, make sure that you have the latest version of the app to get access to the new feature. The company has continuously worked towards adding new features to the platform to take on Snapchat and other competing platforms. In addition to new features like “Check out” and shopping, Instagram has also worked on new ways for users to interact with each other on the platform including music on stories and more.

  • Published Date: April 25, 2019 11:21 AM IST