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Instagram launches 'Nametag', a new way to add friends

The feature is available for iOS and Android users, starting today.

  • Published: October 5, 2018 1:48 PM IST

If you’re an avid Instagram user, you probably follow a bunch of people, and maybe even have some followers of your own. When someone wants to follow you (or add you as a friend), they probably look you up through your Instagram username (or handle). While that approach works, it still requires a bit of effort. However, that’s about to change!

Instagram has launched ‘Nametag’, a new way to add friends on its platform. A nametag is essentially a digital identification card (like a QR code), which leads directly to the profile associated with it. As such, it’s unique and completely customizable.

To get started, you simply have to go to your Instagram profile, tap the ‘three-line’ button at the top, and select ‘Nametag’ option. You can customize your nametag by trying out different designs, colors, selfies, stickers, and even emojis.

Once the nametag has been created, others can scan it by swiping right to the camera and hovering over the nametag. This can also be done by tapping the ‘Scan a nametag’ option, when you’re viewing your own nametag.

To share your created nametag over other platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, simply tap the arrow on the top right corner of the nametag screen.


The new feature is available for both iOS and Android users, starting today. However, it may take a while to appear for all users across the world.

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Instagram recently added support for notifications on its web front-end and ‘lite’ app. With the new functionality, users can get notifications regarding actions such as getting new followers or likes for any of their Instagram posts.

  • Published Date: October 5, 2018 1:48 PM IST