Intel launches 1.5TB Optane SSD 905p with crazy fast speeds

The new 905p drives are based on the 3D XPoint memory standard.

  • Published: September 25, 2018 4:31 PM IST

Image: Intel

Intel has announced its highest capacity Optane drive in the United States. The 1.5 TB Optane SSD 905p moves Optane into a higher capacity up from 960GB. The latest drive comes with read and write speeds up to 2.7GBps and 2.2GBps respectively. It comes in U.2 and HHHL (half height, half length) add-in-card (AIC) form factors.

These new Intel drives are based on the 3D XPoint memory standard. It comes in three models – 905p in PCIe add-in card capacity of 960GB and 1.5TB. The 905P M.2 “gumstick” drive up to 380GB, and 905p in U.2 in capacities of 1.5TB, 960GB, and 480GB.

The 4K random read and write speeds in the range of 575,000 IOPS and 550,000 IOPS, reports Wccftech. The 480GB model on Intel 905p is rated with an endurance of 8.76 PBW (petabytes written), while the 960GB 905p and 1.5TB 905p models have a 17.52 PBW and 27.37 PBW ratings, respectively.

For the pricing, Intel hasn’t announced it yet, and considering 960p SSDs cost almost $1,200, these could be very well be high-priced too. According to Cleveland-based computer hardware retailer CompSource (via Tomshardware), the Optane SSD 905P 960GB U.2 will costs $1,415. The Optane SSD 905P 1.5TB, in U.2 and HHHL AIC formats will cost a whopping $2,395.70 each price tag.

The Optane SSDs are preferred over traditional SSDs. The last two 900P and the 750 were also made by Intel. The new 905P run off of PCIe and looks like thicker versions of traditional 2.5-inch SATA drives. These can be connected to existing M.2 slots on motherboards using an extension cable.

  • Published Date: September 25, 2018 4:31 PM IST