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iOS 12.1 has an exploit that can bypass the lockscreen to access contacts

All this new hack needs is a Facetime call.

  • Published: November 2, 2018 9:10 AM IST
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Apple has had iOS-related exploits being exposed before, and now its seems there’s a new one out almost just hours after iOS 12.1 released. There was a whole device called the GrayKey that could unlock an iPhone with enough time by using bruteforce method. But the new method that was posted on YouTube channel videosdebarraquito shows that the new iOS version of 12.1 has a bug that lets a potential intruder access contacts on an iPhone.

Security researchers found that the bug could let intruders break into the contacts of a locked iPhone running the latest iOS 12.1 by making a FaceTime call, and using the group FaceTime feature to open the contacts section of the iPhone. This present lockscreen bypass follows the previous one with iOS 12.0.1 that allowed users to steal the recent photos on the iPhone. The only drawback of this method seems to be that the perpetrator would need physical access to the device to go through with it.

The method in the video involves asking Siri to make a call and Facetime. This follows turning off connections by going into airplane mode. After that the person can just select more and add more people to the call to access the contacts of the iOS device.

This is a very concerning hack for people who want to keep their iPhone contact lists private for the sake of their own safety. Apple has had a long history of such lockscreen bypass bugs which have compromised phone records, contacts, and photos before.

  • Published Date: November 2, 2018 9:10 AM IST