iPhone calculator’s backspace feature is probably Apple’s best kept secret, here’s how it works

You could backspace numbers on iPhone’s calculator app, all this while!


Math is tough. Multiplication is confusing. Division is baffling. But I am a 24-year-old and it is a little bit embarrassing to acknowledge that I need a pen and paper, and reference to mathematical tables even when asked to “quickly calculate” something which is otherwise believed to be basic. Hence, calculators are essential in my life, and like any 20-something adult, I use a smartphone for that, which in my case has been an iPhone for last 6-7 years.

While my iPhone’s calculator has helped me through the the most critical moments of splitting expenses, or calculating the percentage of appraisal I received, there has been one short coming in this glorious app. In between a long calculation if you add a wrong digit, you have to “All Clear” it go about it all the way from the beginning. Basically it did not have a backspace option. For someone who has a tough time with numbers, that’s not a very pleasant thing to happen!

However, to my extreme delight an iPhone user has recently tweeted that the backspace feature always existed on iPhone’s calculator, it was just hidden and most of us never realized it. You’ll seriously feel stupid when you learn how it works, but here’s how it goes. ALSO READ: Apple iOS 10.3: 5 hidden iPhone, iPad features you should try out


Go to your calculator app, type whatever random numbers and to backspace, simply swipe left or right on the numbers swiped above, and each time you do that a digit gets erased.

It was that easy! iPhone has a bunch of hidden features, but this super-secret swipe-to-wipe calculator trick might just be the best kept iPhone secret ever! ALSO READ: 5 tricks that will change the way you use your iPhone


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  • Published Date: May 8, 2017 3:25 PM IST
  • Updated Date: May 8, 2017 3:51 PM IST