IT department warns taxpayers about fake SMS phishing attacks: Report

Many people reported about these warning message from Income Tax Department on Twitter.

  • Published: December 14, 2018 11:29 AM IST

Income Tax Department is reportedly warning people about fake IT returns messages circulating to many taxpayers. The department is asking them to stay alert from phishing attacks through circulating messages as they carry a Bitly link to a fake SBI online banking website.

Many people reported about these warning message from Income Tax Department on Twitter, reports GadgetsNow. The message reads, “Dear Pradeep K (the name linked with phone number on e-filing website), IncomeTax requires you to click the link below to submit a formal request for the remittance of your unclaimed overdue tax-refund on Rs 29,754.”

Reportedly, these are very precisely targeted phishing attacks because it’s been directed to the right person whose phone number is linked to the Income Tax e-filing account. People can easily confuse these messages as authenticated ones because at the end of the message there is Bitly link to SBI online banking (which looks like SBI login page) website to pay taxes directly.

It’s not the first time that IT department is warning users about these messages. In August as well, a report from Hindu noted about similar fake messages asking users to file taxes before the deadline.

Previously, these message noted that that their income tax refund has been approved followed by a wrong bank account number. Additionally, it asked users to check if the account number is correct, and if not then, visit the link in the message to rectify it.

This phishing attack intended to hack your login details of IT department website, so that scammers can transfer your IT funds to their own account.

  • Published Date: December 14, 2018 11:29 AM IST