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Japan's Transformers-style robot can turn into a car in 60 seconds

Is this a car? Is this a humanoid? It's both.

  • Published: April 26, 2018 6:20 PM IST
Transformers robot Japan 1

Image courtesy: Reuters

Robots and AI might be on their way to take over humans and the earth. But, before their artificially intelligent minds take the wrong decisions, they are here to make the mundane life exciting. One such marvel, a humanoid robot called J-deite RIDE was unveiled in Japan this week. The thrilling part- it is a shape-shifting robot!

The Transformers-style robot can turn itself into a sports car in about 60 seconds. The J-deite RIDE robot has been built by Kenji Ishida, CEO of Brave Robotics, who is a fan of anime movies featuring robots that could transform or combine with each other.

“I grew up believing that robots had to be capable of such things, which became my motivation to develop this robot,” Ishida told Reuters Television.

Image: Reuters

The robot is about 12 feet tall and can carry two passengers in it. Some may view the robot as an “expensive toy”, but it was intended to inspire others, Ishida is quoted as saying in the report.

The robot is capable of walking at a speed of 100 meters per hour or drive on its four wheels. While this might sound like a really cool idea to make a robot transform itself into an unusual looking sports car and drive around the city, its makers revealed that they have never taken the monster machine outside the factory cargo bay area.

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So where exactly will this giant robot be used? The developers want to use the technology in the entertainment industry, and possibly deploy it at amusement parks and use it during street parades.

  • Published Date: April 26, 2018 6:20 PM IST