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JioPhone's KaiOS surpasses iOS to become India's second most popular mobile operating system

Android is still the leading mobile operating system in India, present on over 70 percent of devices.

  • Published: May 7, 2018 8:17 PM IST
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A study on the use of mobile phone operating systems in India has found that KaiOS – which powers the JioPhone – is now the second most popular mobile phone operating system in India. KaiOS surpasses Apple’s iOS to take second position in India, behind traditional leader Android. The study by DeviceAtlas, reported on by Medianama, reports that KaiOS now has a 15 percent market share among mobile devices in India, second to Android with 71 percent market share. Meanwhile, iOS has dropped to third position with 9.6 percent market share.

Android, which leads the market, has also seen a drop from over 80 percent to its current position, while iOS has seen a reduction of about 1.4 percent. KaiOS’ rapid growth is naturally credited to the strong response to the JioPhone. Marketed by Reliance Retail’s Lyf brand as a means to get entry-level users onto 4G connectivity, the JioPhone is priced competitively at Rs 1,500. Furthermore, the device is marketed as a no-cost device, on certain terms that would see the price of Rs 1,500 returned after a period of three years. Even if the money is to be considered spent, the JioPhone is still a well-priced device at Rs 1,500.

The JioPhone has seen a massive response from users since its launch in the second half of 2017, and has already climbed to control 35.8 percent of the feature phone market in India. The sheer volume of JioPhone devices in use all over the country give KaiOS the numbers to overtake iOS in the list. Feature phones have seen a resurgence thanks to the JioPhone, despite the increasing trend of users to adopt smartphones and the dropping prices of smartphones themselves making the concept more accessible.

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The KaiOS-powered JioPhone isn’t a typical feature phone, in that it relies heavily on the 4G connectivity offered by the Jio network. Special apps developed for KaiOS, including Facebook and a reported version of WhatsApp, make the operating system much more functional than a typical feature phone operating system. Jio’s own bouquet of apps and services offer various options such as video and music streaming, and other similar web-based services.


  • Published Date: May 7, 2018 8:17 PM IST