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JioPhone becomes the largest selling phone in India

The JioPhone was launched in 2017 as an affordable feature-rich option for the masses, and has since gained a huge user-base.

  • Published: September 11, 2018 12:45 PM IST
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The JioPhone has become the highest-selling mobile phone in India, as claimed by Reliance Retail in a recent press release. The company launched the JioPhone in 2017, and in the last one year, the phone has outsold every other mobile phone in the country. The JioPhone was launched last year at a price of Rs 1,500 (which is treated as a deposit which is refundable after three years on return on the handset), and is purpose-built for use on the Jio 4G network.

According to the company, the JioPhone is the largest selling phone in the country, considering all combined types of phones including smartphones, feature phones and any other type of phone (such as landline handsets). Reliance Retail further claims that eight out of ten phones sold that are priced at Rs 1,500 or less in India are JioPhones. Users of the ‘smart’ feature phone are also said to spend more time using the internet and in-built applications on the phone, and the number of voice commands on the phone surpass those on smartphones by five times.

While much of this can be considered statistical, there’s no denying that the JioPhone is a huge success. The JioPhone has quickly risen to become the undoubted top feature phone in the country, having quickly captured market share that was formerly dominated by Samsung and other local players such as Intex and Lava.

Much of this success has come because of the value offering of the JioPhone; the device offers 4G connectivity with a huge list of in-built applications including video and music streaming, and social media apps. Recently, the company also announced that the popular web-based messaging app WhatsApp is also now available on the JioPhone.

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The JioPhone’s success can also be credited to the affordable Jio plans that are available for users of the JioPhone. Jio offers free calling and SMS all over India, along with high data plans at affordable prices for users of the device. JioPhone plans on the Jio pre-paid network start at as low as Rs 49 for 28 days validity, which is a huge value proposition for buyers. Reliance Retail has also launched the JioPhone 2, which is priced at Rs 2,999 and comes with a QWERTY keyboard and the same feature set as the original JioPhone.

  • Published Date: September 11, 2018 12:45 PM IST