Kerala Floods: NASA shares before-after images to show the sheer extent of damage

Kerala's devastation is stark in the two images shared by NASA.

  • Published: August 28, 2018 4:51 PM IST
Kerala Flood NASA 1

Image Credit: NASA

The floods in Kerala and Karnataka have been one of the top stories in India, and the devastation caused by it has reportedly claimed the lives of more than 300 people, and destroyed property worth crores. NASA has now given us some perspective on the devastation and extent of the floods, and shared before and after images on its website showing the sheer extent of damages.

Among the two images, the one that shows the state before the flood is dated February 6, 2018, and the one that shows the condition after the floods is dated August 22, 2018. The earlier photo was taken by the Landsat 8 satellite’s operational land imager, while the later one was taken by the European Space Agency’s Sentinel-2 satellite.

The damage, as one would expect, is extensive and the difference is stark when one looks at the two images. While the earlier image shows the Karuvannur and Periyar rivers and the farm lands around it. The farm lands are all submerged in the second image, which corroborates reports of 40 villages being washed off by the floods, and even 2.2 km stretch of land that connected two expressways seem to have been washed off.

The images have been rendered in false color to make sure that the flooded areas with water are easily distinguishable. Apart from the reported casualties, there are as many as 462,456 people who have been displaced, and have taken up shelter in 1,435 camps across the state. Chief Minister of Kerala Pinarayi Vijayan, has reported that the state has suffered an estimated financial loss of almost Rs 20,000 crore, and has asked the Central Government for aid.

  • Published Date: August 28, 2018 4:51 PM IST