Kerala floods: Twitterati puts out 2.62 million tweets during deluge

Twitter buzzed with updates during Kerala Floods and it was all about constructive communication.

  • Published: August 24, 2018 6:17 PM IST
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Kerala witnessed one of the biggest natural disaster when it rained down in the state and led to massive flooding. However, when it poured in the state, a lot of people took to Twitter to find out what was happening with the hashtag #Keralafloods.

In a new stat shared by Twitter, more than 2.62 million tweets were shared across India and around the world. The micro-blogging platform notes that the conversations continue to flow, even though it has stopped raining in the state. The state, referred to as God’s own country, witnessed the worst flooding in 100 years and tens of thousands are still living in relief camps. The state is still working on the process of recuperating from the loss and damage caused by the floods and Twitter served as the platform for updates.

The company says that the service was used for everything from sharing important updates, to calling for donations and to call for help. It was also the platform that celebrated a number of unsung heroes during the flooding, especially fishermen who took their boats and led the rescue efforts from the front. The platform continues to offer updates on latest happening in the state and serves as one stop shop for sharing updates.

While Twitter was mostly used for constructive communication during Kerala floods, there were instances when false news were spread through the platform. The company now asks its users not to spread unverified messages received via social media platforms or through private group chats. It has also identified key accounts for verified users who can give accurate updates on the situation.

It says after a rescue or relief tweet has been addressed, it would be a good practice to “Retweet your own Tweet with an update” saying the situation has been addressed. The right hashtags for the situation is #Keralafloods and #RebuildKerala and the most important thing is to not spread false information.

  • Published Date: August 24, 2018 6:17 PM IST