Kolkata tops 4G availability among 22 telecom circles in India: OpenSignal

Delhi and Mumbai were 12th and 13th on the OpenSignal’s list of 4G availability in India.

  • Published: September 6, 2018 10:21 AM IST

The capital of West Bengal has topped OpenSignal’s list of 4G availability in India. The mobile analytics company, OpenSignal, on Wednesday published a new analysis on 4G availability in India’s 22 telecoms circles.

According to the report, Kolkata is the only region among 22 telecom circles in India with a 4G availability score over 90 percent. The city has topped the list of 4G availability in India with an impressive score of 90.7 percent. The report also mentions that out of 22 telecom circles, 21 circles saw LTE reach scores over 80 percent in their survey and that is”quite remarkable for a country which has only had 4G since 2012.”

The other top circles were very close behind. Punjab ranked second on the OpenSignal’s list of 4G availability. The city had 89.8 percent score followed by Bihar on third position with 89.2 percent. The top 5 list also had Madhya Pradesh with 89.1 percent, and Orissa on 89 percent.

Unfotunately for metro cites like Delhi and Mumbai, these ranked 12th and 13th respectively with 86.73 and 86.65 percent 4G coverage.

“Many of the top telecoms circles for 4G availability were in the East and North of the country, reflecting a similar trend in our analysis of LTE reach in India’s cities six months ago. Indeed, the city of Kolkata was just outside top three in India’s cities, coming fourth behind Patna, Kanpur and Allahabad,” notes OpenSignal.

In April, OpenSignal had shared speed metrics across 4G providers in the country. The report suggested Airtel network as number one with a download speed of 6Mbps, while Reliance Jio remained the closest contender in overall speed due to its high level of 4G access. It was able to deliver download speeds of 5.1 Mbps in OpenSignal’s tests.

  • Published Date: September 6, 2018 10:21 AM IST